Friday, December 31, 2004

Gongs for business

The Englishman has some amusing excerpts from the Prime Minister's daily press briefing on the New Year's honours list. The post is too long to quote in full so read the whole thing.

Clearly some segments of the press reckon that these are awarded for loyalty to the PM and as a consolation prize for failure rather than for public service, which will surprise nobody in the UK. Interesting also is that one questioner thought that there were too many awards for the business community.
Asked why there were more business people in the list than usual, the PMS said that there weren't. The percentage of awards going to the business community was about the same as in previous lists.

Which doesn't quite stack up with this article from The Times.
WITH some notable exceptions that may only serve to prove the rule, the New Year’s Honours List failed to shower business and the City with glory.