Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The crumbling of the climate change edifice

There has been much speculation that the environmentalists are on the run. More evidence of this today at Melanie Philips:
An expert on hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons, Chris Landsea, has resigned from the International Panel on Climate Change after what he says was a gross misrepresentation of scientific evidence to claim falsely that global warming was producing more hurricane activity.

Now as Ms Philips rightly says, this is, if correct, a scandal. But if my memory serves me correctly scandals at the IPCC are not without precedent.
On 25th July 1996, the American Meteorological Society (AMS) sent an open letter to Benjamin Santer, Lead Author of Chapter 8 of the IPCC 1995 Report, a chapter which generated public controversy as a result of allegations that Santer had altered the text of Chapter 8 after the meeting of authoring scientists had approved a draft. The altered version of the IPCC report contained that infamous claim that there was "... a discernible human influence on global climate".[Link]