Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Part-time MSPs

Former Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth has, with impeccable logic, suggested that since the Scottish Parliament only meets one and a half days a week, all 129 MSPs should be got rid of and their workload covered by Westminster MPs. It also has the added advantage that by removing Scottish representatives from Westminster it allows the remaining MPs to discuss English business alone, and so solve the West Lothian question.

Perhaps predictably this has been met with a barrage of criticism, but apparently not a single constructive criticism.

Margaret Curran said it was "Thatcherite" and "a cut too far". Nicola Sturgeon said it was "barmy". The Scotsman reports that it is embarrassing for the Tories.

The Scotsman doesn't report a single reason why this should not be implemented immediately.

This looks to me like the Scottish Establishment defending their turf. A constructive suggestion is made to deal with a real issue, and save real money. This is met by shouting and name calling by ignorant inbred politicians, and with contempt by their cousins in the Scottish press. There is no doubt that the English are growing in awareness of their suppressed nationhood. The Scots would do better to look at issues like the West Lothian question and address them now while they can address it on their own terms, rather than letting the matter fester until they lose control of the debate.

They won't though.