Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Church weighs into the John Bell scandal

I blogged here about the claims by one Dr John Bell that Israeli troops targeted Palestinian children. These claims, which were broadcast on BBC Radio 4, lead to an apology, but not a retraction of the central claim.

Via Melanie Philips:
Now, an official in the Church of Scotland has weighed into the controversy --
by comparing Bell to Jesus!

The official, Sandy Gemmill, stated in a letter to the Herald:
Governments are like monoliths in exercising power on behalf of the people and
from time to time must be reminded of the need to see beyond their own self-centred interests to those of the human race. If an uncorroborated story concerning any member of the Israeli Army, real or imaginary, can aid that process then that should be applauded.

So it's all right to make stuff up if you think it's in a good cause. Is Sandy Gemmill a pseudonym for Alistair Campbell or what?