Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Tory leadership candidate..

would be

1. electable
This means that he needs, among other things: gravitas (sorry Boris), the common touch, and hair. Toffs need not apply (sorry Boris). Extra hair is not a substitute for any of the other requirements Boris.

2. economic liberal
Never mind what the party needs for a minute; the country needs someone who is going to grasp the nettle of welfare reform. Labour will not do it because they are a party of the welfare state and their narrow interests are best served by keeping as many people as possible on welfare. It will need cojones of steel to acheive meaningful change (Sorry Sir Malcolm) but if the country is to avoid becoming a basket case like France or Germany then action is required.

3. social liberal
Part of electable really. Interesting to see if any of the alleged libertarians in the party are willing to stand up and state that they don't care where someone puts their wing-wang.

4. eurosceptic
Bye Ken.

5. not a minister under Margaret Thatcher
While the media back Blair, it is too easy for them to describe the Conservatives as unreconstructed if a familiar face from the Nineties is in place.

I can't see past David Davis at the moment, although I would like to know more about his alleged libertarianism.