Sunday, June 05, 2005

New visitor attraction is rubbish

My local council, Perth & Kinross, has decided to spend £200,000 on creating a visitor attraction at the local rubbish dump.

The council is run by a coalition of LibDems and the SNP, so it is perhaps not particularly surprising to see this kind of lunacy being proposed. It is pretty flabbergasting to learn that the project enjoyed all party support. My guess is that these will run into hundreds of thousands each year.

Quite apart from the capital cost of the project, there will be funding of the deficits which are guaranteed to reoccur year after year.

Councillor Alan Grant said: "This is an extremely important development and we must take it very seriously.

"The necessity to contact the public, particularly young people, with the ideas the centre will promote cannot be over-emphasised."

The need to get rid of Councillor Grant should also not be overlooked.