Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bloggers for flat tax

There's lots of interest in flat tax around the UK blogosphere at the moment. Strikingly, interest seems to be growing among left-wingers as well as the usual suspects. Neil Harding of Brighton Labour has indicated in a comment on this site that he's in favour if it comes with a citizen's income. Bloggers4Labour is asking whether this is an area that the government should take a close look at.

Oddly I haven't found any LibDems in favour.

Bloggers in favour include:

Devils Kitchen
Tim Worstall
Neil Harding
Strange stuff
Stumbling & mumbling
Gary Munro
James Bartholemew
Arthur's Seat
EU Serf
Stephen Pollard

And thinking about it:

Updated 5/9/2005
Liberty Cadre

Blithering Bunny 8/9/2005
Matthew Elliot 8/9/2005
Jarndyce 8/9/2005
GavPolitics 10/9/05
Tom Morris 11/9/05
InnerWestCentral 13/9/05 (First Lib Dem!)
Not at all PC
The Uncommon Man 15/9/05
The People's thinker 19/9/05

And a couple of more official ones
The Adam Smith Institute