Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Brown operating to type

The Conservative's attempts to paint the Jelly-Bellied Flag Flapper as the roadblock to reform have gone quite well so far. Their cause is helped by the fact that he really is the roadblock to reform as is demonstrated by a short article in the Times "Public Agenda" supplement (not online).

A minor reform was proposed to allow people to register with more than one medical practice, the idea being that they would then be able to visit a doctor near their place of work. Pretty sensible stuff and it might even pay for itself with people no longer having to take half days to go the doctor.

Unfortunately for the thousands of people who might have benefited from this tweaking of the system, Jelly Belly says "no". Like the great lumbering roadblock he is, he is concerned that it would "exacerbate health inequalities and lead some surgeries to close".

He is a reactionary old flag flapper isn't he?