Monday, February 13, 2006

Five Live phone in

I caught a bit of the Five Live phone-in this morning while driving back from the school run. The subject was the latest abuse claims coming out of Iraq. As part of the programme we had an interview with someome who was introduced as "ex-US marine" Jimmy Massey. I found this name ever so slightly familiar, and after getting home stuck it into Google where I found this:

Yet another example of the BBC trying to hide the background of their interviewees.

On the same programme we heard someone (an interviewee rather than a member of the public I think - I missed the intro) who claimed that he had been told by the BBC's Caroline Hawley that rape of Iraqi women by Coalition forces was widespread.

This startling claim begs many questions, not the least of which is why, if this is the case, is Caroline Hawley not reporting it?