Saturday, March 25, 2006

The ALF in Fife

I read yesterday that the ALF had visited a local venison farm and tried to release the deer. This is what I found at the front gate.

Fortunately, the perpetrators do not seem to have been the sharpest tools in the box, having cut the wrong bits of fence and failed to release any of the deer, but as the owners point out on their website, escaped deer usually return to the farm in pretty short order anyway preferring a stress-free life on the farm to dodging dog walkers in the woods.

The ALF also managed to leave a minefield of barbed wire for the deer to entangle themselves in. These animal lovers seem quite happy to arrange maiming and a slow death for these deer. They also destroyed a number of wildlife corridors created by the owners.

I daresay the owners would appreciate any messages of support or perhaps the odd purchase from their online shop. I'm sure the ALF would appreciate it if everyone eats venison this week.