Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More on virtual legislatures

Further to yesterday's posting and the idea of a virtual legislature, the liveblogging by the Save Parliament Blog of the Legislative & Regulatory Reform Bill debate in parliament was pretty instructive.

The debate was attended by tiny numbers of MPs and there was no meaningful consideration of the issues. Then at the touch of a button the lobby fodder MPs appear to vote through the government's measures without change.

It's impossible for anyone to follow what is going on from outside.

How much better then to follow through my idea of a virtual legislature where the debates can be had over a period of weeks, with objections and suggestions made both by legislators and members of the public (who more than likely are better informed about the implications than the legislators themselves). There is said to be concern among the ruling classes about disengagement from the political process. Here is a way to reengage people.

Which means it will be ignored.