Sunday, September 03, 2006

The important questions are asked by blogs

It's rare now to see important, insightful questions being asked in the MSM. Blogs are where you go for someone with an indepth understanding of the issues questioning the policies of the government. Richard North is one of the best this side of the Atlantic. His latest piece on the loss of a Nimrod in Afghanistan contains this:
The fact is that, if the Nimrod was providing coordination and carrying out electronic communications intercepts and video surveillance (and it is really hard to think what else it could do – as a marine reconnaissance aircraft, it radars would have been next to useless) then it should not have been there at all. These functions do not require a manned aircraft and, in fact, are better (and more safely) carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), such as the Predator deployed by US forces and – to and extent, by UK forces.
The lack of availability of UAVs to the British forces in the Middle East is another story of the incompetence which is the defining feature of the government.