Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Idle absurdities

Perry de Havilland writes about the latest silly government effort to "be seen to do something".

You could pass many a happy hour trying to better his collective noun for politicians: "an absurdity".

One thought that occurs to me is "an idleness". After all so much of what Westminster politicians do seems to be driven by an overwhelming urge to pass the time of day. I came across a debate the other day (I didn't keep the link) which appeared to be about forcing private clubs to offer equal facilities to men and women. This is so trivial it defies belief.

Now that Westminster has become in most essentials a regional parliament within the EU superstate, our overpaid political masters have very little to pass their time. Is it time to adopt limits on how many days a year Parliament can meet, as is the case in some American state legislatures? And with remuneration to match?

I vote that Westminster adopts New Hampshire standards. Meet 45 days per year and get to all intents and purposes no remuneration. That should get us out of the EU in a hurry!