Thursday, February 17, 2005

Anglosphere Institute

Via The Adventuress' blogroll I learn of the new Anglosphere Institute, a new organisation set up to promote the values of the Anglosphere. It's clearly early days for the website, but I was impressed by some of the ideas.

On the individual level, economic migrants find it easier to adapt and prosper moving within the Anglosphere. Both employers and employees could benefit from a larger labor market that provides opportunities within a common framework. Again, such policies would not replace but supplement existing or developing policies on immigration in Anglosphere nations. The Institute will develop proposals for sojourner provisions, allowing a right to travel to, reside in, and do business on an equal and reciprocal basis within all Anglosphere nations willing to agree to this principle.

I fancy that while it remains a member of the EU, the UK will be unable to sign up for this. Another reason to get out.