Thursday, February 10, 2005

The big election battle ahead

Political Betting has a really good post on what may turn out to be the most interesting battle of the election campaign - namely, Alastair Campbell versus Lynton Crosby. It's really worth reading in full, but in summary it asks if maybe Mr Campbell has finally met his match. It also puts forward the idea that the Tory strategy may be to make Campbell himself a major campaign issue.

Certainly the challenges to the accuracy of opinion polls and the news (which I had missed) that the Conservatives are suing the Times over what it claims Lynton Crosby said about Tory chances suggest at least that Crosby is injecting some backbone into the party.

I have no doubt that a Conservative victory is not on the cards, and nor would I wish for such a victory until they start opposing ID cards, but if Labour can be weakened to the extent that their most illiberal inclinations are kept under control, then I for one will be happy.