Friday, February 11, 2005

Her masters voice (again)

I blogged here on a member of the German media using the expression "her master's voice" in referring to Condi Rice's relationship to George W Bush. This struck me and a large number of commenters at Medienkritik as at best insensitive and at worst outright racist.

Now (via Normblog) it seems that Simon Tisdall at the Guardian is doing the same thing.

But while Ms Rice addressed America's image problem, it remains unclear how far she can or will go in changing real-time US behaviour. International superstar or not, her political position at home is intrinsically weak. Her Washington power base rests solely on her personal relationship and access to Mr Bush.
So far, she has not dared defy her master's voice.

Now I try (really, I do) not to leap to conclusions, but surely the nuanced fellows at the Guardian would be sensitive enough not to let this slip through by accident.