Thursday, May 12, 2005

BBC fears P2PTV

Further to my earlier post about P2P television here, the BBC now seems to be a bit worried. They are terrified that streaming of TV content is going to lead to a wholesale loss of licence revenue.

Being in a bit of a pessimistic frame of mind at the moment, it appears that the upshot of this is that a licence will either be required for a PC or for a broadband connection. There is a monopoly to protect here after all.

On the Abolish the TV licence forum, is a thread where one of the writers is proposing a form of direct action against Capita, who collect the money on behalf of the BBC. It appears that Capita have been accusing people of breaking the law without evidence and that this will form the basis of the action.

No idea if it has any chance of success but it is cheering me up no end just thinking about it.