Friday, June 17, 2005

The bureaucracy

Via the Englishman and the Bunny we learn that the government is now going to require the pensions regulator to give his permission for the takeover of any company that operates a final salary scheme.

While the stupidity of the government no longer surprises me it is worth remembering this as one of the laws which are going to need to be repealed when we get another government in. There are a lot of these. I mean a LOT. A huge festering heap of unwanted, bureaucratic, nit-picking, nose-poking, nannying, pettifogging paperwork.

Every politician says they are in favour of deregulation, but NONE deliver. The question I ask myself is whether this happens because the governments don't want to deregulate or because they can't. Is the bureaucracy now so large and powerful that the politicians can't cut it back even if they want to?