Monday, August 15, 2005

Bravehearts turned welfare bums

From the Scotsman:

SCOTLAND has a hidden public-sector workforce of 110,000 who go unacknowledged in the official government headcount because their work is subcontracted.

Doctors, university staff and contract cleaners and caterers were omitted from last month's Scottish Executive's national staff roll because they technically work in the private sector, although their sole client is the government.

When such people are included, 681,000 Scots now work for the public sector - rather than the 572,000 claimed by the Executive. That equates to 20 per cent of men and 38 per cent of women and is the highest ratio of any non-socialist country.

First Minister Jack McConnell once more tried to head off criticism by intoning (through a spokesman) his mantra:

"... we need to change the balance between private and public sector. But the best way of doing that is by growing the private sector"

Unfortunately Mr McConnell's approach to growing the private sector consists of appointing more bureaucrats....

Funding to improve educational business links
Roadshow scotches renewable energy myths
Increasing business competitiveness

and subsidising Wind Farms (who then rather conveniently pass the money back to the Labour party by means of donations).

Roadshow scotches renewable energy myths
Renewable energy companies help power fossil fuel reduction
Future of renewable energy mapped out
Windfarm extension approved

Could the English please hurry up and cut off the subsidies? This country can't afford this imbecile for much longer.