Tuesday, August 09, 2005

James Fisher Rumic

Amid all the celebrations over the rescue of the Russian submariners by our boys in blue, one small detail has escaped nearly everyone's notice: the rescue was in fact not performed by the boys in blue at all, but by employees of a private company called James Fisher Rumic. The BBC has the information, but only in the murky depths (so to speak) of their website - here.

JFR operate the submarine rescue service on contract to the MoD. The operation was staffed entirely by JFR employees except that it was under the command of a Royal Navy Officer. As JFR had their own manager on the team, one has to wonder if this officer's job was to take all the credit for JFR's work. You can read virtually any one of the other stories about the rescue and come away with the idea that this was purely a Royal Navy operation.

But the truth will out - well done James Fisher Rumic.