Monday, August 01, 2005

More priorities for the NHS

Some time ago I posted on how Tony Blair's priority for the NHS appeared to be a proper understanding of its history, by means of spending its scarce resources on an oral history project.

Today's Times unveils a new and exciting priority, which will solve all of the NHS's problems.

A HOSPITAL’S decision to hire an art curator days after it was criticised for cancelled operations and a poor MRSA record has been condemned by nurses and patients.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge has placed an advertisement for the £37,000 a year post in today’s edition of The Guardian, and it also appeared in the Public Agenda section of The Times. But patient groups believe that the money could be better spent on nursing staff and cleaners.

I must say it's hard to disagree with the patient groups. In defence of the NHS, it should be said that if you are going to die through lack of treatment it's probably good to have some nice pictures to look at.