Thursday, August 18, 2005

Our saviours

The presiding officer of Scotland's pretendy parliament has announced a super think-tank which is going to turn the Scottish economy round. And what a team he has lined up, bristling with people who understand the needs of, well, themselves mainly.

John Elvidge, senior civil servant

Entire career within public sector

Professor Tim O'Shea, the principal of Edinburgh University

Entire career within public sector

Susan Rice, the chief executive of Lloyds TSB Scotland

Private sector. No entrepreneurial experience.

Campbell Christie, the former leader of the Scottish Trades Union Congress

Professional job destroyer

Margaret Ford, a Scottish-based management consultant who now heads English Partnerships

Most of career in public sector but some entrepreneurial experience.

Sarah Boyack

Entire career within public sector

Alex Neil

Started career as marketing manager.

Hat tip: Freedom & Whisky.