Sunday, January 22, 2006

Children's books

A couple of hours ago I put the elder baby Bishops down to bed and read them a chapter of the eldest's book. This turned out to be a simply dreadful, poncy, politically correct piece of greeny brainwashing. You can imagine the kind of thing: friendly trolls forming litter patrols to clean up the multicultural neighbourhood, "hey I know, we could recycle the glass", "Yes, and we could put the green stuff on Dad's compost heap!".

It's not what childhood is about really is it? Childhood is about magic, not about recycling. I hate, and I mean hate, children's books with a message, particularly if it's a woolly socialist message. Our local library has a choice of one kind of children's book and that is, unfortunately, woolly socialist. Something needs to be done and, abhorring violence as I do, I'm afraid that burning down the library is not an option.

So if any readers could help me, what are the best politically incorrrect children's books?