Friday, September 22, 2006

Laugh of the day

Via the Remittance Man we learn that Councillor Bob Piper has being having a bit of a problem with his application to attend the party conference.
After 30 odd years membership, having held virtually every Branch Labour Party position, having sat on the interminable Constituency Management Committee for over 20 years, and 7 years a Labour councillor... this is what it has come to. Some member of Her Majesty's constabulary is going to decide whether or not I am a fit and proper person to go to Party Conference. Thanks a bunch!

I particularly enjoyed the comment from JuliaM

And there you have NuLabour in a nutshell; hopelessly beauracratic, greedy, incompetent AND petty minded little jobsworths.....

Perhaps it's too much to expect Mr Piper to have learned a lesson from this?
In the meantime the folks at Labour Home are worrying that they're going to look a bit stupid
at the conference:
Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) has ruled out of order 17 motions from CLPs on the leadership election.

If this decision stands, Labour Conference will be the only place in the UK where the issue of the leadership is NOT being discussed, and it risks making us look like ostriches with our heads in the sand, whatever your opinion on the actual question (unless you think like an ostrich, of course).

Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing when you are on the dishing out end.