Sunday, October 22, 2006

BBC bias

While watching 18 Doughty Street for the first time last week I was startled by the producer of the BBC's Newsnight programme tacitly admitting that the BBC had a left-wing bias. He explained it away by saying that the bias was less pronounced than in the past, and I was surprised that none of the other panel members picked him up on this - an admission that the BBC was, and continues to be, biased to the left wing in its output.

Now this seems to be part of a trend for the BBC to admitt to being biased. Biased BBC has the lowdown on the Mail on Sunday's report on a leaked internal Beeb report in which
a host of BBC executives and star presenters admitted what critics have been telling them for years: the BBC is dominated by trendy, Left-leaning liberals who are biased against Christianity and in favour of multiculturalism.
Last month, Croydonian reported from the New Culture Forum where the BBC's Robin Aitken talked about its "institutional leftism" and of course there is the attempt by the BBC to suppress an internal report which apparently accuses it of pro-Palestinian bias in its Middle Eastern reporting.

If the new media can force an official admission from the BBC that they have been biased then there will be a huge opportunity to bring about meaningful reform - which is to say the abolition of the licence fee.

This is something 18 Doughty Street needs to follow up next week. Get to it Iain Dale.

Also at Biased BBC was a link to News Sniffer, a site which tracks censorship of the BBC's Have Your Say forums. Here's some example of the hate filled bile which the Beeb have been protecting us from, on a forum about whether it's time for tax cuts:
Tax cuts are necessary to maintain our international competitiveness and to encourage people to invest in this country. Unfortunately, it is now going to be very painful to implement. The government have not reformed the public sector or its pensions schemes and have added at least half a million to the public sector payroll. Public sector strife and strikes will be inevitable for any government wishing to reduce the tax burden.

Gordon Brown has ruined the country and squandered some never before seen oil revenues as well as plundering the pension funds and penalising the public with stealth taxes. It would be incredibly easy for the Tories to reverse a large number of these stealth taxes, IF THEY CHOOSE TO. The country cannot continue to compete under the current fiscal framework, and what we will see is the younger professionals leaving our shores for more attractive lives overseas. I have had enough....

It is quite ludicrous that our public sector now employs 7m people as well as all those who are dependent upon it for a cheque each week. Are we really to believe that all of this is absolutely necessary? Unfortunately the public sector has now morphed into what the unions were in the 1970s ie. a power block that must be appeased at all times. If there is any hint of tax cuts be prepared for doctors, nurses and teachers to be used by the public sector as human shields.
Anyone notice a common theme to these comments?