Friday, February 18, 2005

Forward with Labour (but not to all addressees)

The Labour party has been keen to be progressive in its approach to technology, what with eCzars, e-government, pagers for its MPs, and the like. While Tony seems like a bright chap and no doubt can turn on his computer and his eCzar without an aide to help him, the technology seems to have got the better of Alastair Campbell who famously sent an expletive laden email from his Blackberry personal organiser to the wrong person. Alastair will feel much better, knowing that his colleagues in Ben Bradshaw's office have the same problem.

Mp Ben Bradshaw has been forced to apologise to an Oxford University undergraduate after his staff accidently e-mailed her a message describing her as "insufferably arrogant".

Biochemistry student Hannah Caspar, 22 and from Exeter, received the e-mail, riddled with insults, after she had written to her local MP, Mr Bradshaw, to complain that Labour had let the country down over a number of issues, including the war in Iraq and fox hunting.

Clearly a little more training with their latest technological toys would not have gone amiss in various quarters of the party. A few snappy slogans to remind the apparatchiks how to get it right might help too. I know - something like "Forward, not Reply"

Hat Tip Labour Watch via Cabarfeidh.