Thursday, May 12, 2005

Some people think the NHS is rubbish

Dr B F Walker in Hong Kong

If I had a serious illness and needed specialist care, I would use the HA in Hong Kong, but run a mile from the UK NHS.

Julie at Amkeli's World

Actually, this time I'll be having surgery in a private hospital, as opposed to my last surgery, done on the NHS. That was very, very scary. (Just as a little preview, immmediately prior to my surgery the anesthesiologist went to start my IV {to give me the good drugs}; instead of reaching for a penrose drain as a tourniquet, or if all else fails, getting a BP cuff, she asked the rather large black assistant to, "give her arm a little squeeze". What?!?!)

I did NOT make that up.

Message to Blair: Radical reform is needed. Tinkering around the edges will no longer do.