Monday, January 30, 2006

Seven sevens

Jonathan Calder at Liberal England has tagged me for the seven sevens thing that is doing the rounds of the blogs. Herewith my contribution:

Seven things to do before I die:

1: Ride a horse again
2: Move to Shropshire or New England
3. Get an office bigger than a broom cupboard
4. Fire a gun
5. Learn to waltz
6. Learn to ski
7. Buy a two seater sports car

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Waltz (or perform any kind of dance, actually)
2. Sing
3. Ski
4. Shoot
5. Afford a private education for my children
6. Find time to take a holiday
7. Tolerate socialism

Seven things that attract me to...Argentina

1. Space
2. Horses
3. Space
4. Gauchos
5. Space
6. Asados
7. Space

Seven things I often say:

1. Do you need your nappy changed again?
2. I'll take a look at it and get back to you
3. Booze up?
4. Marvellous!
5. You've broken it
6. Where's my....?
7. Go and get dressed! Now!

Seven books I love

The History of the Countryside (Oliver Rackham)
Nature's Keepers (Stephen Budiansky)
Lord of the Rings
Atlas Shrugged
Liberty & Freedom (David Hackett Fisher)
The Road to Oxiana (Robert Byron)
Eat The Rich

Seven movies I watch over and over again

I very rarely watch movies more than once, but here goes...

1. Spirited Away
2. Princess Mononoke
3. Pirates of the Caribbean
4. Much Ado About Nothing
5. Rio Bravo
6. Moulin Rouge
7. Red Sorghum

Seven People to join in too:

1. Cicero
2. Shuggy
3. Snafu
4. Outside story
5. Louisa Willoughby
6. Bloggers4Labour
7. Dr Crippen

Apologies to anyone who has already been tagged, or who finds being tagged entirely irritating.