Sunday, June 04, 2006

Must read post from Dr Crippen

Dr Crippen has had some inside information leaked about NHS cutbacks in Northallerton.

The following patients are “deemed” not to need admission from Accident & Emergency Department. (Lovely word, “deemed”. What does it mean? Why not omit if from the sentence? Why not just say “the following patients do not need admission…? But I digress.)
  • those with an upper limb fracture
  • those with back disorders
  • those with a “pelvis lower limb fracture (whatever that may be)
  • those with “complex elderly musculoskeletal” problems
  • those with fractures of the pubic rami
The following patients are “deemed” (that word again) to be “unlikely” to need admission:
  • Poisoning
  • Angina
  • arrhythmia or “other chest pain”
  • those with asthma.

This is pretty terrifying stuff.