Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dutch safe houses

Dutch parliamentary representative Hirsi Ali, who famously collaborated with Theo Van Gogh on the film "Submission", has revealed the locations in which she and fellow representative-in-hiding Geert Wilders are being housed, in order to protest at the conditions they are required to endure.

Wilders is being held in the high security jail best known for housing the Lockerbie bombers, while Hirsi Ali is housed in a heavily guarded marine base.

She experiences it as “very unjust and pathetic” that she has to live on secret locations. She thinks the “basic rights to be involved in politics” is under threat by the security philosophy professed by Minister Donner and the National Security Coordinator (NCBB). She says the philosophy is this: “Who is under threat should disappear”.This way they “unintended reach the goals of my opponents who do every thing to stop me: from threats to murder plans.”, Hirsi Ali says.

And she's right. If she and Wilders are forced to disappear then the terrorists have won.

(Via Dutch Report)